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Crystal Q&A - Angels & Demons

Crystal Q&A – Angels & Demons

Last week someone had shared their feelings on one of my youtube videos; they weren’t aligned with my vision and happened to be rather blunt, so, I had to moderate and remove this comment.

This doesn’t mean that I’m hiding from people with such ideas though – because we all share this beautiful Earth and are having an individual experience – so I figured it’d be best to address it all here, to my…

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Crystal Q & A

Crystal Q & A

Marina (@marina_salcedo) asked “what are some names of crystals that can activate themselves and don’t need to be charged in sun/moon light?”

In my opinion, crystals do not need to be activated so to speak, but rather, once in a while can use a retuning, like an instrument. One stone that doesn’t necessarily need to be consciously retuned from time to time would be kyanite – it practically does…

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New York Newborn Photographer in Portland,OR // Vancouver,WA - Mentorship with Erin Tole

New York Newborn Photographer in Portland,OR // Vancouver,WA – Mentorship with Erin Tole

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page, the past couple weeks you’ve had the pleasure of viewing some precious content that conveys a fresh perspective. (I love alliterations, especially with the letter P – don’t ask!)

This year I decided I would commit to specializing in newborn and family lifestyle photography. I took a big step towards this commitment by continuing my education (on the week of my…

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